Letting the Divine Take the Lead


Won’t lie. I want to quit so bad. 

I thought this would happen around Day 21, but it’s very nicely coinciding with PMS. I wrote about it on Day 16.

Making 2 notes to myself – 

  1. Cancel everything on my calendar this time next month. 
  2. Activate Plan B

When I embarked on this insane journey of writing for 120 days, I knew there’d be a day when I won’t have to write. 

 “It’s okay! On those days, I’ll write just 1 sentence”, was my thought.

Don’t break the chain.

Show up on the page. That’s it.

Even if it’s just one sentence. 

And what if I can’t come up with even 1 sentence?

That’s what Plan B is for.

One of my big lessons in life has been Surrender. 

I’ll do a write up on this in detail but I believe that’s something I am here to experience and teach. 

(I am a Line 3 in Human Design, so I do teach from my experience)

In the last year, I’ve had many lessons in Surrender. 

But it all started with a Book.

Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver

I recommend a lot of books and all of them are a must read. But this one is a must must read. It’s one of those ‘must read’ before you die kinda book.

The other day one of my friend (who I had recommended this book to) sent me a text “I have gone off the Deep End, I carry Outrageous Openness(OO) everywhere with me”

It’s that good!

So my Plan B is whenever I don’t want to write, I’ll open OO to a page and write about that. 

Outrageous Openness is a collection of stories and the message behind each one of them – Letting The Divine Take the Lead 

Pssst…..incase you didn’t guess by now, that’s the whole idea behind The Deep End Project too 😉

Plan B Activated. 

Page 73 of Outrageous Openness 

Be What You Seek


It starts with a quote 

Thoughts are boomerangs, returning with precision to their source. Choose wisely what you throw – Anonymous

Tosha tells the story of 2 women. 

One a multimillionaire, owns several houses in the world. Yet, she always complains about how hard it is to live on 2 Million a year! She often feels broke because of her high expenses and is barely able to sleep.

Eventually, she declared bankruptcy. Her word of poverty became her law.

On the other hand there’s another woman who lives a modest life but in a true state of grace. Her mantra “I have no idea how, but miracles constantly arrive. My needs are always met.” (Me too, girl. Me too!)

From parking spaces to an exact amount for a trip to Asia. She gets whatever she needs, often in the final hour.

Now that’s what I’d call a Rich Lady.


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