Honoring My Feminine Cyclical Nature


Day 16 is brought to you by “whose idea was this?” and “what the heck was I smoking when I committed to 120 days?” 

Not 30. 120.

Yikes!! I am feeling it today. 

Maybe I am born with it, maybe it’s “I am on Day 25 of my Moon Cycle, so I am basically Kali Ma incarnate right now – rage-full and without any patience.”

Well atleast I know that I am not going crazy. This is my body doing her own magical thing. 

For years I blamed it on the crazy PMS and the mood swings that come with it. I cursed it for not being able to perform at the same level all through the month and for feeling so tired during Pre-Menstrual and the first 2 days of my bleed.

I looked at other women who seemed to have magically over-ridden the cyclical nature of a woman, as they kept going-going-going. I was filled with jealousy or judgement or both.

Now. I don’t.

Why would I?

My body. This beautiful body where I live.

Friends have left me.

Boy friends too (no regrets there!)

Clients come and go

But my body? That’s the only thing that has been with me through everything.

and it’s this body that made 2 magical human beings. How can I not love it?

Yes, it’s cyclical. So what?

What isn’t?




All we have to do is just take a walk in nature and really witness the cyclical marvel that this world is!

If we believe in a higher power, God, Goddess, Divine, Universe. Whatever it is (personally I believe in all of it) and that higher power made us, then there must be a reason for our cyclical nature, right?

And the reason is – We are humans. Not fucking machines!! 

There is so much magic in the cyclical nature of women. It is meant to restore and unleash our immense power, month after month!

For example, did you know that women have a direct line to Source before and during their bleed? Their intuition is really strong and they are able to get very clear answers and even insights about future. 

During Ovulation, their energy is fiery! It’s the best time to go out there and make sales, launch programs and be out there on Social Media. 

Most of my life, I have only lived for the Ovulation Period. I am sure that’s true for you too!

But every single phase of your cycle has so much wisdom behind it. It will tell you exactly how you feel, what your unique energetic patterns are and what should you do based on that.

Pre-Menstruation is a great time to rest and reflect. Menstruation is a great time to plan for the next month.

I love planning my quarters during my bleed.

But it all starts with charting your cycle. If you are willing to spend a few minutes every day to check in with your body and ask “How Ya Doin’”, it will tell you exactly how it’s doin’ and what it needs.

There are so many apps available to chart but I personally love the tracker I made for myself and my clients. I use it every single day before going to bed. It takes me a few minutes to fill it in.

You can download it here.

If you do use it, I recommend doing it everyday for atleast 3 months. This is because after 3 months, you’ll be able to see your pattern. 

You’ll see exactly the days when you want to nap all day, days when you want to stay away from your husband otherwise you might kill him (that was me yesterday!) and days when you can get shit done ALL. DAY. LONG!

The most common objection I get from women when I ask them to chart their cycle is that they no longer get their period because of any number of reasons. 

It doesn’t matter!!

You are still a cyclical being!! 

You can still use this chart!! Just use the moon phases instead of the menstrual cycle. 

I promise you’ll get the exact same answers and wisdom.

Wow, for someone who didn’t know what to say, I clearly have a lot to say on this subject!!

I do, because I have experienced the result of this in my business and my well being, first hand!

Now, my business revolves around my cycle. My calendar and my schedule revolves around it. My launches revolve around it.

It’s been a game changer!!

Obviously I am not a Gynecologist or a Medical Professional, so I can only speak from my experience and those of my clients. 

One of the books that really changed how I looked at my Period is Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Super Powers and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period.

I have gifted it to many of my clients and it has changed their life too. Highly Recommend!

We’ve been given this incredible gift – our bodies – let’s give it the love they so badly deserve, yeah?

I think so! You?

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