Manifesting Generators in Business


I am a Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generators are time benders. They are here to do work that lights them up in the shortest amount of time.

We create shortcuts because we love speed, therefore we can bend linear time and manifest quickly.

I am a mix of Manifestors (Initiators) and Generators (Alchemists). 

The generator in me tells me to follow my bliss and do the work that physically excites me.

The manifestor in me gives me the playful, spontaneous energy to initiate my ideas.

I am life-force energy

I am the builder and the doer.

I initiate and take action

I turn inspiration into form

But only after I’ve waited to get a response from my gut.

I have a deep level of awareness and a strong sense of intuition. When I am fully aligned, my gut response will always put me in the right place, at the right time.

My energy is faster than everyone. You can’t slow me down. Please don’t slow me down.

Sometimes it can feel like I am going too fast. You may feel like you have to catch up to me. 

Don’t. Even. Try

You can’t. And, that’s a good thing.

When I am in my creative flow and going too fast, I sometimes skip some steps.

Instead of asking me to slow down, look at what I missed and then gently give me solutions. Not blame, solutions.

Also, don’t try to fit me in a box. 

I do many things at once and there’s no box big enough to contain me.

It can seem like I am all over the place.

Trust me, I am not.

Being all over the place is good for me.

I am not linear and I do not conform to your linear world. 

When I am asked to slow down or niche down or both, I get frustrated and angry.

That’s my Not Self Theme.

Not Self Theme is a Tell Tale Feeling that happens when you are not living your design. 

Like a warning sign that you are on the wrong track.

It’s your GPS telling you “if possible take a U Turn, if possible take a U Turn”

On the other hand, the sign that shows that I am living my design is Satisfaction.

When I feel satisfied, I am in full alignment with my Human Design.

In business, there are a few tell tale signs to show me that I am out of alignment. If this is you (as a Manifestor Generator), then your business can feel like an uphill battle. 

Sign Number 1 – I am following someone else’s template of business


True for every Human Design, but more so for me. Trying to follow someone else’s rules stifles my creativity. 

If this is you, take stock. Where are you following someone’s rules? What ‘shoulds’ you think you have to do? Let go of that. You make your own rules. You don’t have to follows someone’s template. You create your own, faster and better!


Sign Number 2 – I try to be Jack of All Trades


I am not a jack of all. I am here to be a Master of my craft. I can’t do everything in my business. So I identify my zone of genius and stay in it. Doing everything burns me out and leaves me resentful.

If this is you, identify your zone of genius. Where do you shine the most? What kind of work lights you up? Delegate everything else. You can start small, but having a team supporting you will help you amplify the impact you want to have.

Marisa, Copy Expert and my muse for today loves writing emails, hates creating graphics. Guess where does she spend her time?


Sign Number 3 –  I slow down to accommodate others


Not happening. Nope. No. Not at all. This is a death to my energy.

I don’t slow down. I take rest by doing things that make me feel joyful. I create space for playfulness and spontaneity. But I don’t slow down to accommodate others’ speeds.

If this is you, take a deep breath and accept that you are faster than everyone. 

Expecting yourself to slow down or others to catch up is only going to disappoint you.

Especially when you work with other people (as a coach or done-with-you service provider), know that you may be fast but others have their own speed. They might not be able to match yours. Give them the dignity of their own process. 


Sign Number 4 –  I get addicted to hustling and staying busy


Even though I am fast, I still need rest. I need to make myself available for creative ideas and urges. I do this by finding things that bring me joy – painting, writing, signing etc.

Sometimes, I need to do nothing. This is hard for me because I am conditioned to always work. 

If this is you, it means you are overdoing. Maybe you have too many things on your plate or you have become addicted to the busy-ness culture.

Take time for yourself and do things that fill your cup. Even a slow afternoon walk can do wonders to your energy.


Sign Number 5 – I get resentful towards commitments and people


Often I say yes to things and realise that I don’t really want to do it. Not over committing myself keeps me aligned. 

Understanding that it’s okay to say “no” or “not now, but let me think about it” is a great way for me to not feel the resentment later. 

Pro-Tip – Let someone else manage your schedule so that you can resist the temptation to say no.


If you are a Manifesting Generator, I hope this resonated. I am sure it did actually.

If you are not, then hope this gives you an insight into your Manifesting Generator friends/partners/clients/kids.

You are needed (as is everyone). Rest but not quit. It’s okay to not do things Step-by-Step. Stay in your zone of genius. 

Special thanks to Marisa Corcoran who let her be my muse for the day




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