A case for using Energetic Practices in your business


This for my woo curious people. 

I know a lot of them.

I attract a lot of them.

I’d say they are my sweet spot, when it comes to my ideal client.

They are not the ones who don’t believe in it or make fun of it.

Or as my mentor and friend, Laura Belgray will say “this isn’t for the woo-adjacent!”

Oh they do believe in it. But they don’t understand it. 

They can also be called woo-confused.

I was one not too long ago.

Now, personally I don’t like the word woo.

I prefer the word “energy”

Because energy? That makes sense to me.

I don’t see it. But I can get my mind around it.

Same way, I don’t see electricity, but I won’t put my finger in the socket to test what it really feels like.

I see my laptop is plugged in and charging right now. Therefore, I understand what electricity is.

Energy is the same. 

You can’t see it. It has no color, no odor.

But just like you can feel electricity, you can definitely feel energy.

We all have that one person in our life that we just don’t like, don’t we?

Sometimes you can’t even rationalize it.

People often say “I don’t know what it is but I just don’t like her. She gives me all the bad vibes.”

You are correct. 

Everything in this world is energy. And we are always exchanging energy with someone.

Sometimes that energy clashes and sometimes it just flows.

I am sure you’ve also had an experience where you met someone for the first time and you felt like you’ve known them forever. 

That’s a smooth energy flow. 

Our businesses are no different. 

Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales, Launches, Delivery – – everything is an exchange of energy.

When there’s no resistance, it’s gonna flow beautifully and easily.

But when there is a clash of energy (usually in the form of a block), it will create resistance. 

When this happens, your hustle gets grittier without showing any results.

This is when you are pushing the boulder uphill using only your index finger.

No amount of pressure will make it move.

Or, it may move but soon it will slide back to where it was.  

In my humble opinion (and experience), no business or marketing strategy, no matter how awesome it is, would work if there’s an energetic resistance or block.

Not unless you remove the resistance and let the energy flow beautifully. 

I compare this to the Garden Hose analogy.

Imagine you have a beautiful garden with roses, and lilies and tulips. 

You go out to water your gorgeous flowers. 

You connect the Garden hose to the water faucet and open it. No water comes out. 

So you increase the pressure of the water. You put it on the highest setting. Still, no water comes out.

You notice there are several kinks in the hose. 

What would you do?

I hope you’ll sit down and smooth out the kinks one by one so that the water can flow easily. 

Changing the water faucet or increasing the pressure won’t have done you any good.

Infact, once the kinks are gone, you can even lower the pressure because your gentle flowers probably don’t need that much pressure to bloom.

Energy works the same way.

Energy healing is one of the oldest practices in the world. In Ancient Indian or Ayurvedic medicine, this energy is called prana.

When your prana (life source energy) or chi isn’t flowing, it means there is a kink in it.

Any imbalance in this energy deeply affects your life.

Physical, Mental and Financial.

And don’t worry we all have energetic kinks (also called blocks) all the time.

Removing these kinks and smoothing your energetic hose (your sushuma channel) ensures an overall well being. 

Whenever I do deep energetic work, I always find that I am more joyful, happier and in my own bliss.

My creativity shoots up and I am able to serve my clients better.

There are so many modalities and different ways you can use to clean up your energetic blocks.

Personally, I love EFT, Balancing my Chakras and Clearing with the help of an Energy Healer.

I also love using and following my Human Design as it tells me exactly how to exchange my energy with the world. 

No matter what kind of modality you use or whether this article today pushes you a little higher or lower on the “woo” spectrum, remember you always have the power to choose to believe.

As with anything else, I always recommend checking in with your body. Your body knows the truth. It’s one thing that’ll never betray you, if you only listen.

Whether it’s a business strategy or a healing modality, I always check in how my body responds to it. 

If it’s not a hell yes from her, it’s a No for me!


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