Your Quickest Way to Cash is also Your Quickest way to Burnout!


Two years ago, I worked with a business coach who’d drop this line every few minutes.

She encouraged us to think about our quickest way to cash. At all costs.

How can we get more clients in the shortest amount of time possible?

Her business was based on this very principle and she had definitely found her quickest way to cash.

Sounds promising right?

But isn’t that what we have become so used to hearing?

Ditch Slow Growth!

Million Dollars in 6 Months!

Manifest your dream clients in 3 Months!

Sounds so sexy! 

Here’s the thing though, your quickest way to cash is also your quickest way to burnout.


You can’t just manifest your dream clients by sitting on a meditation cushion all day long.

I am a huge proponent of meditation and spiritual laws and all the woo-woo stuff. 

Crystals in bra? Done that

Psychic Readings? Done that too

Law of Attraction? Can probably write a book on that

Look, I am a deeply intuitive person.

I meditate everyday.

I am a channel who is getting mentored to become a priestess.

I love all the Woo stuff. Bring it all on.

But even I’ll tell you that all those results don’t happen without taking action.

And if you are only focused on “quickest way to cash”, you may get it but along with it you may even get some of the other things.





Because, most of the coaches who are focused on quick cash are also focused on quick, short term results. 

They are trained to sell, sell, sell at all costs.

Unfortunately, they teach the same thing too.

The end game is revenue. That is it.

I learned the same.

I hung out on facebook groups and watched it like a hawk to get more clients

 Spent more time on social media than I did with my kids

Launch. Launch. Launch 

Sell. Sell. Sell

Do more Live Streams.

Write more content.

Email your list twice. No. Thrice.

Send 50 messages to people in 3 days.

Launch again.

Do a challenge.

Do a masterclass.

Make another lead magnet.

Did you forget to do outreach?

No. But I did forget who I was and what I really wanted to do.

I did forget what success really meant to me. 

A friend who has burnt out recently said to me “Dee, if this is what success looks like, I don’t want it.”

She’s right!

I don’t either. 

And I bet you don’t too.

But the sexy marketing is so tempting. I won’t deny that.

I get sucked into it too.

So how do I stay away from the temptation? 

I have changed my True North.

‘Quickest way to cash’ is not it anymore.

What is it then?

It’s my Legacy!

It’s the long term impact I leave on people.

It’s not how much revenue I can boast of at the end of the year. 

It’s what people will say about me at the end of my life.

It’s about the richness of my life.


When you change your True North, your compass changes.

When your compass changes, your direction changes.

When your direction changes, the path you take and the things you do to get there, changes too!

Now I can breathe easy.

Now I am not in a hurry anymore.

Because true legacy takes time. 

So yes I have traded my quickest way to cash to a long, winded labyrinth to legacy.

Time will tell what happens. 

For now, I am enjoying being in the unknown.


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