The Mantra that keeps me going in dark times


My client said to me last week “Deepshikha your Deep End Project reminds me of the mommy blog days!

That literally made my day. 

I totally missed that whole phase. It was like I was sleeping under a rock.

Ofcourse I was doing quite the opposite of that. I was a new mom and sleeping was something I absolutely wasn’t doing.

Not only that, I had also gone off facebook for a couple of years so I had no damn idea that you could make money for making fun of your mom life and your kids?

Are you kidding me????

That is pretty much the only thing that is second nature to me!

By the time I came out of that gloom of sleepless nights, most mommy bloggers had landed book deals and according to my reinstated facebook, it looked like everyone and their mommy had a mommy blog.

Nevertheless, I did start a mommy blog.

I called it ‘Mom-entous’ (LMAO!)

It indeed was a Momentous moment.

I wrote 1 Blog.

After that it became a decision between “ I have 30 minutes before he wakes up from his nap, should I write a blog or watch 1 episode of Downton Abbey?”

I always chose the latter.

No regrets.

Blogging isn’t the only thing I “missed out” on.

I completely missed the whole Instagram rage early on. 

And, Snapchat.

And, Periscope (remember that? I don’t. I didn’t even know it existed until all Instagram influencers kept talking about their Periscope days.)

Finally, the whole Online Industry also flew past my radar completely until 2017!

I was busy keeping the two little humans alive.

What would have happened if I had started The Deep End Project 12-13 years ago?

Or if I started my business 5 years or even 3 years before?

Do you think about that sometimes?

The answer is – It doesn’t matter.

I do believe (wholeheartedly) that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and life is always happening for us.

And believe me, there have been moments when life has me on my knees and I can’t help wonder “Why God? Why?” or “Can you just fast forward me to where I want to be?”

But, if I can always remember that every moment, no matter how hard, is happening for me, it gives me hope to get up from my knees and start taking baby steps.

Life is happening for me, is the mantra I keep close to my heart in every situation.

That’s what makes me get out of bed in the morning on those dark, gloomy days.

The opposite of that is anxiety and despair and being that annoying friend who is always a party pooper. 

And besides, the present Day Deepshikha is so much cooler than the 2011 Deepshikha!

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if it’s you, trust that everything you are going through right now is carefully orchestrated for you. 

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

Enjoy the ride. It’s all about the journey anyway, never the destination.


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