How to build life changing Habits


“Showing up is hard, staying committed is even harder” Cody Rigsby, Peloton Instructor 

I got on my Peloton today and chose to do a Cody Ride. 

He’s my go-to instructor when I need a fun ride. When I want to break into a dance move while spinning.

Don’t get me wrong, he has made me cry several times too. Not because the ride was hard but because he said something that tugged at my heart.

Btw, I can’t be the only one who cries often on my bike, am I?

Today was no different. 

He said something again that just stuck with me.

And I think you need to hear it too.

Showing up is hard, staying committed is even harder.

Don’t we feel that as business owners?

Take this project itself!

I am 7 days in, 113 days to go.

Right now I am raring to go. But I am sure a day will come when I won’t feel like it.

Based on my experience of working with many people, around Day 21 is the day when your commitment level goes down, down, down.

You start questioning why you need to stay committed? Suddenly it all seems frivolous.

There’s actually a reason for all this flip-flopping

Our brains are fascinating things. They are malleable which means they can actually change. 

You can form new habits, build new beliefs, change your neuropathways. You can literally change how your brain thinks!!!

This happens around Day 21 when your brain begins to change. This is when new habits are building. New beliefs are taking shape. 

And that’s when your ego freaks out. It finds this change threatening. It tells all the reasons why you should stop.

I learned a trick to counter this.

When I find myself not wanting to stay committed, I say a simple mantra “wow, this must mean my brain is changing. This is so fascinating. Let me go one more day.”

Of course it’s not easy and I buckle in many times.

This is why Cody’s words today was a light bulb moment for me.

Showing up is hard. Staying committed is harder. 

So what if I just stay committed to showing up for one more day. That’s all I gotta do. Nothing less, Nothing more.

I don’t have to commit to all 120 days at once. 

Just one more day. That is all

Show up on the page. Bleed on it. 

And tomorrow, show up again.

This is what I do for writing my 3 pages of morning pages.

For getting on my Peloton.

For meditating everyday.

Just show up for one more day. 

Can you do this?

Release the resistance. 

Release the commitment.

Just show up. One day at a time. 

How would your life change after 90, 120, 365 days from now, if you just showed up?


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