Manifestors in Business


I am a Manifestor.

Manifestors are Fire Starters. As in people who are here to get something started for other people to join in.

Did you know my name means Flame? Just saying!

Yep, I am totally a Fire Starter. 

I am here to initiate ideas that may be uncommon or unheard of.

I am here to be the cause 

I am here to flick the domino.

That is my design 

That is my purpose 

The more I try to deny it, the more angry I feel.

Anger is my Not Self Theme.

Not Self Theme is a Tell Tale Feeling that happens when you are not living your design. 

Like a warning sign that you are on the wrong track.

It’s your GPS telling you “if possible take a U Turn, if possible take a U Turn”

On the other hand, the sign that shows that I am living my design is Peace.

Peace is at the top of my Desire List

It wasn’t like this all the time. There were all sorts of things there like a house, a bag, a dress, clients, 6 figure launches. Never peace.

Now if there’s anything that doesn’t bring me Peace, it needs to be out of my life.

The biggest thing that keeps me from living my design and living in Peace is my own conditioning.

If you are a Manifestor, it’s likely that as a child you were always told that you are lazy.

Manifestors do not have constant energy available to them so it’s natural they get tired often.

They also have a huge need for approval, therefore, they are chronic people pleasers (I am too!)

It’s because when they were kids they were “supposed” to be blazing trails but their ideas were squished or disapproved.

They internalized the belief that they need the approval of others to bring their ideas to life, live their life with peace and if they don’t, they aren’t good enough.

It shows so deeply in my Manifestor clients who have not yet worked on peeling those layers of beliefs.

As a Manifestor I have felt this too many many times. 

I still do.

That’s why it’s called a Human Design Experiment.

You experiment with it (all your life)

In business, there are a few tell tale signs that shows you are out of alignment. If this is you (as a Manifestor), then your business can feel like an uphill battle.

You can feel scattered, disappointed, victim-y, overwhelmed, angry and even burnt out.

I am guilty of all these!


Sign Number 1 – You are not allowing yourself rest


Manifestors do not have access to constant energy instead they get bursts of energy. This is because “working” is not in their design. Their job is to initiate action and then make themselves available for the intuitive hits from the Source, Universe, God, whatever you call it.

If you are a Manifestor and your schedule is overbooked, change that now. Freeing Space in your calendar is the biggest step towards alignment.


Sign Number 2 – Not Delegating enough


Remember I said that you are meant to initiate. It’s possible that you will lose your passion and energy for what you initiated somewhere around the middle of the project. This is where having a team to support you is life changing.

This is especially true if you are launching. I have sabotaged many a launches because I thought “I could do everything “ myself.


Sign Number 3 – People pleasing and taking approval from others


Manifestors also likely have bad boundaries (I’ve been guilty of this too!). They want to please everyone thus they do not speak their truth or go out of their way to be liked by everyone.

This is death to our energy.

They also wait for getting approval from an authority figure like a coach, or a parent, spouse, partner. 

We are meant to start things. Waiting for approval is totally the opposite of our design. 

So next time you ask a Facebook group what the name of your program should be, remember you don’t need their approval or even their responses. You know what to do. You got the hit. Now, initiate.


Sign Number 4  – Diluting their message 


This is a direct result of what happens when we are people pleasing or needing the approval. All the feelings of self doubt bubbles up to the surface. We stop believing in our message and the impact we can have. We dilute it to make others feel comfortable or to “fit in”.

Since I started talking about Patriarchy and how it affects women in business, I’ve felt this fear a lot. In those moments of crushing doubt, it takes a lot of courage and an absolute belief in your purpose to keep speaking about your message, however unconventional it may seem.

I wrote about how to spread your ideas on this Blog Post. 

And Lastly, 


Sign Number 5 – Your Offers don’t light you up anymore


This is crucial for us as business owners. For many of us, our work is our service, a way for us to make an impact.

Keeping offers that you are bored with or aren’t aligned with can be running a marathon with a wrecking ball attached to your feet. 


Get rid of any offers that do not make you happy or lit up from inside. Because, remember you are a fire starter.


What do you do when any or all of the above are feeling true in your body right now?

First, be gentle with yourself. It’s okay.

Deep Breaths!

Remember I said, Human Design is an experiment. 

The beauty of it is you get a fresh slate every moment to experiment with.

Trust me, I’ve been there. 

Step 1 is Self Awareness.

Once you know, you can start to align yourself back to your design

Back to who you really are.

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Schedule lots of time alone and rest. (Especially when you are launching or in between of a big project)
  2. Allow yourself to get bored. Sometimes, do nothing.
  3. Rich Lady Behaviors, all the way! Do what makes you feel happy, lights you up. (Right now my Deep End Project is giving me life!)
  4. Ask for support & Delegate. Yes it’s hard and yes it’s necessary. Start small but start.
  5. Speak your truth with absolute confidence and conviction.
  6. Let go of any offers that are misaligned.
  7. Show people your vision. They need it to get on board. Don’t just focus on the pain points.  For Manifestors it’s extremely important to lead with their vision (I am learning how to do this too!)

If you are a Manifestor, I hope this resonated. I am sure it did actually.

If you are not, then hope this gives you an insight into how I am or your Manifestor friends/partners/clients/kids are.

We are needed (as are you). Please don’t squish our ideas. Be gentle and open minded 

We have a creative rhythm. We don’t think like you and we can’t work like you. Be patient with us. Don’t disturb us when we are in our flow.

Don’t ask us “how”. We don’t know it yet. But if you let us initiate, I promise you’ll find out.

Honor our boundaries. We try very hard to uphold them and often we fail. 

Help us keep our spark alive. We need it blaze a trail for all of us!


I did a fantastic podcast Interview with my friend and fellow Manifestor Mai-Kee, on How to Honor your Human Design to Help you Guide your Business.

You can listen in here 


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