I Facebook hated last night – DAY 6


I woke up feeling pissed today

Which wasn’t surprising…

If you sleep feeling pissed off, there’s a good chance that you’d wake up pissed too.

I had a really nice dinner of Tacos and Margaritas with my friends last night.

 (I take Cinco De Mayo very seriously!)

I felt happy and fuzzy…..until I turned to Facebook.

I got sucked into someone’s Facebook (or the Facebook version of their business) and I could literally feel all the happy, fuzzy feelings leave my body, one drop at a time.

I don’t usually Facebook hate someone right before bed.

But yesterday I did.

Her photos.

Her success.

Her programs.

Everything was taunting at me.

Before I knew it, I had gone down the drain of comparing myself to her.

I am pretty sure she is a lovely person btw who deserves every bit of that success.

But….ugh! Comparisonitis is real.

I wanna tell you here – – “so this is what I did and I felt so much better”

Or, spin you some other spiritual, toxic positivity BS.

But, I won’t.

I wanna do it.

I wanna do it so bad.

I wanna share some major piece of wisdom here that makes me feel like a saint. Just so I can feel good about myself.

But this isn’t what this project is about. 

So nope. I don’t feel better.

I am still pissed.

I didn’t meditate. (I tried but I kept thinking of all the things I am doing wrong so I gave it up)

I didn’t even get on my Peloton today (which obviously was a mistake).

But it’s okay.

I’ll allow it.

I’ll be pissed for as long as I need to be pissed.

Not that I have a choice (lol!)

So yeah on Day 6 of The Deep End Project, that’s all I have for you.

P.S – Don’t look at Facebook (or Instagram) before bed, okay?


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