Jedi Mind Trick to Cure Your Impostor Syndrome


I have been lucky to work with all kinds of entrepreneurs. 

Health Coaches, Business Coaches, Branding Experts, Pastry Chefs, Mindset Coaches, Fitness Experts, Massage Therapists, Authors, Speakers, Social Media Marketers, Maternal Health Advocate, Copywriters, Yoga Teachers, Early Intervention Specialist, Reiki Master, Project Manager and many others!

You name it and there’s a chance I’ve worked with them!

They’ve also been at very different stages in their business (revenue wise).

I’ve worked with businesses who brought in $3M a year and I’ve worked with entrepreneurs who were just starting out. And, everywhere in between.

And yes, although there have been many differences between an entrepreneur who makes a million dollar and an entrepreneur who is in the first year of their business, there is one common thing that I have seen across the board…..


It didn’t matter how much money you made or how long you’ve been in business, everyone I’ve worked with has been stopped in their tracks by the good ol’ Impostor Syndrome.

Impostor syndrome is defined as a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Well that doesn’t help in an industry where we are constantly being shouted at and being told to

“Be an Expert”

“Create your Authority”

“Create your Celebrity”


So what if today I were to give you a Jedi Mind Trick as an antidote to your Impostor Syndrome?

You can use it every time you feel like a fraud or not “expert enough”

Everytime it stops you from putting your offers out there, being Visible on Social Media or pitching for that podcast you know you’d be perfect for…..

But before I tell you what the trick is, let’s explore why so many of us feel stuck in the constant loophole of “I am a fraud”

Apart from 3000 years of Patriarchy and us being conditioned to feel that we aren’t good enough, there is ONE MORE REASON.

The “guru” or “thought leader” culture of the Online Industry is 1000% responsible for the constant need to BE AN EXPERT!

You are always trying to keep up with the facade that you are a ROCKSTAR at everything.

That is literally impossible (for anyone) and the mindf*ck happens when you stay stuck in inaction because you think you are not “expert enough”

The truth is:

You are not an expert in everything. 

And, You are not an expert to everyone.

That part is true.

You are right. 

You aren’t.

So what if you stopped trying to be one?

I repeat, You are not an expert in everything and you are not an expert to everyone. 

That part is true. 

But what is also true is that you are more of an expert than those people who need your help.

Let me explain;

I recently signed up to work with a LinkedIn Expert to teach me the ins and outs of LinkedIn.

This person is a total badass at LinkedIn.

She knows it, She claims it.



As long as she stays in that energy of staying in her zone of genius and claiming her expertise in her area, Impostor Syndrome can’t touch her.

She knows about LinkedIN more than I do. Much more.

She is more skilled on LinkedIn than me.

Therefore, she is an expert for me and others who don’t know LinkedIn as much as she does.

You with me?

So here’s the Jedi Mind Trick. It’s a reframe you’ll have to say to yourself every time you catch yourself in the throes of Impostor.

“I am ONLY an expert in (what your zone of genius is) to people who need me”

It’s as simple as that.

I want you to think about your tiny little corner, whatever that is, and claim that space – – for those who don’t know better.

If you are a copywriter, you are an expert to those who don’t know how to write copy.

If you are a Sales Coach, you are an expert to those who don’t know how to do Sales.


Say it with me

“I am ONLY an expert in (what your zone of genius is) to people who need me”

Keep this in an imaginary bottle with you and whip it out anytime you need it.

Impostor, begone!


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