How to spread your ideas like wild fire

The Deep End Project [Day 4]

For today’s writing, I was conflicted. There were too many topics swirling in my head.

But by now, I know what it means. 

The answers are coming from my head, not my heart.

So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

I asked “what does my heart really want to talk about today?”

I call this simple exercise, Asking Your Higher Self.

You don’t always get the answer you want, but you always get the answer you need.

I suddenly had the urge to pick up the book The Practice, Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin and open a random page.

The title of the page was “Who’s it for”

It says :

Your wishes are pure, the change is important, and it’s going to make things better

And you probably believe that things would be better if everyone got on board.

But everyone won’t.

Everyone won’t hear you. They won’t understand you, And most of all, they won’t act.

Eventually, they might come around. Some of everyone, anyway.

Sooner or later, the culture changes.

But not because you brought everyone an idea. Because their friends and family and colleagues did. That’s how widespread change always happens.

First from the source, but mostly from the sides.


Side Note – My higher self is a total rockstar. She knows exactly what I need, when I need. I love her.

So???? What does that mean?

This is for all the change makers, culture changers, trailblazers, but mostly it is for me.

Your ideas are remarkable.

Don’t stop talking about them.

Choose a group to tell your ideas and stories to.

That group becomes your focus.

Create work for them.

Just for them.

Not for everyone. Only for them.

Eventually, they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends.

But that’s not your problem or your concern.

The minute you become focused on how you can influence your group to spread your ideas, you’ll lose your creativity.

Your work, your only work is to be the source for your group.


In the words of Seth “ignore the masses and the selfish critic and those in love with the status quo”

Find a handful of people first. Ten? Find ten. Only 10 who believe in your vision and your ideas

Those who will sit by the fire to listen to your stories.

Enroll them in your journey.

They will bring others along.

That’s how a Culture changes.

Because trailblazers? They don’t bring the fire with them, just a little spark of flame.


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