The Deep End Project [Day 3] – There are Riches in the Niches (I think not!)

“There are Riches in the Niches”

I’ve heard this.

You’ve heard this.

You may even have heard this from me (lol!)

I don’t disagree with the statement.

There are 100% riches in the niches.

You get known for one thing.

You master it.

You become an expert at it.

People know you for it.

People refer to you for it.

People pay you for it.

I get it.

There are definitely riches in the niches.

But where I am right now, I am blowing a big fat raspberry at it. Spit included.

This statement is right when we think of, Rich = Money

But my definition of Rich is not just Money.

For me,

Rich = Money, Time Freedom, High Fulfillment Levels, Alignment with my True Self and Unlimited Joy!

And you know what f*cks with my Joy, Fulfillment Levels and Alignment with my True Self?

When I treat myself like a Cereal and put myself in a box!

I am not Cheerios.

I don’t fit in a box.

I am a whole human being.

Niching myself down to the just ONE thing splits me.


Yes I got the money coz ofcourse I effin’ niched down.

But niching doesn’t bring me joy.

Let me give you an example;

For months now I’ve been struggling to pigeon hole myself and I am so done with it!

I am a Business Mentor.

No, I am a Marketing Strategist.

But I am also a Sales Expert, so okay I am a Sales Expert.

But oh my gosh, I am a Spiritual, Intuitive Mentor.

Complete Identity Crisis.

When I choose “Business” as my niche, I feel my limb is getting cut-off.

When I choose “Spirituality” as my niche, again I feel my limb’s getting off.

That fact is, I am strategic and practical AF when it comes to client attraction, launches, sales and marketing. I am a great Business Mentor. I am an excellent Coach. 

I can give you hard core Marketing Strategies in my sleep – – step by step analysis and plans, all left brained principles.

And then I drop into my Goddess Energy. I tap into my power, intuition and guide you from it.


There’s a lot of talk of being in your Divine Feminine and not in your Masculine.


It’s not love and light.

It’s not meditation on your cushion all day long.

It’s also not taking action all day long.

It’s tapping into THE TRUE NATURE of yourself and then taking those practical actions!

So you see, I can’t choose. I won’t choose.

I am all of it. 

Iam none of it.

What I am, is an expert on myself.

I know who I am, I know how I serve.

My personal opinion,

Niches ≠ Riches

Whole = Riches 

When I am whole, I am a Rich Lady.

Bringing all parts of me and accepting them is Whole to me.

Being an expert in myself (rather than a niche) is Whole to me.

My prayer everyday:

I know who I am.

I know who I serve.

I am here. I am here. I am here

Iam Goddess. I am Sovereign. I am Free

And, so it is!

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