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Master client attraction and high ticket sales—and breakthrough your income ceiling—all with ease and alignment - by making 1% shifts

For Coaches & Experts who are ready to tap into their inner Rich Lady and get off the business treadmill and create....

Success By Design

$116,000 in just 8 months! 

I love the ease & joy of owning my business and scaling it, the power of being able to choose when & how I do business, being able to do work I love, to sell with ease and FALL in LOVE with the process. I am now making consistent $30,000 every month!

Martha Cristina Garza

Branding & Marketing Expert

"I've worked with many coaches over the years, but Dee is the only one who exceeded my expectations.

“I'm now having regular windfalls like $14K in 24 hours, and I feel like this is just the beginning. Truly, I can't recommend her highly enough.”

 My business is finally taking off in all the ways I'd always dreamed of, with consistent income and growth. Why? Because of how deeply she cares and how truly giving she is. If you're willing to do the work, she's going to make sure that you succeed. She's got so many tools and resources for each person's individual needs. I took a big financial risk by joining the program, but it's paid off in spades.”

Carla Savetsky

Holistic Women's Health Expert


“Before I was a biz owner, now I am the founder of my company and I am getting known as an expert in my field.”

I used to travel all the time. Now I am working from home, less hours, and earning twice as much.

1500 people attended my webinar and showed up. I Sold Out my Program, it was the easiest launch EVER and many other private clients are coming from there too!

Silvia Angel

Education Consultant

"I've tripled my prices, simplified my offerings & brought in soul-aligned clients.... and sell packages to the tune of $18k!!” 

Dee helped me nail down a smart client attraction strategy that works really well for me. The most empowering thing is being able to walk away from clients who think I charge 'too much' and still feel confident that I will have more work coming my way.

I’ve made $46K+ just in the last 2 months!  

Wei Cho

Home Designer


Here’s the thing my darling, you've come a long way but you are begining to see that the success you created is based on their blueprint.

Who is they? PATRIARCHY!

The 3000 year old system that has kept women compliant by using the most powerful tortrue of all - FEAR!

✖ Fear of being Visible

✖ Fear of raising your prices

✖ Fear of asking for what you want

✖ Fear of asking for support in your biz or home

✖ Fear of being “too much”

✖ Fear of setting boundaries

✖ Fear of making more money than your husband/partner

As long as you stay on the Patriarchal Success Path of Hustle and Grind, you’ll keep tightening your own screws and lighting your own matches.

Get off this fast moving- ugly ass- freight train to nowhere. There is another way.


Women thrive when they accept and reclaim their cyclical nature. They barely survive when they are made to follow the linear "hustle" path.


To make Giant Leaps in your business, without getting cuts and bruises on the glass ceiling, you don't have to blow it all up!

All you need is to make smart, subtle "1%" shifts for exponential results

"A powerful woman is a dangerous woman"

This is what's waiting for you on the other side of the 1% shifts

Unshakeable confidence in your ability to be a CEO

Unlocking your unique "code" and becoming your own expert

Unobtrused self expression that pays

Tools to course correct when things get bumpy

Exponential Business Growth in complete alignment with your goals, dreams and vision


“Deepshikha made me $7,000 within 48 hours!”

“WOW! Deepshikha showed me exactly what to do to land high-ticket clients! Instead of adding yet another platform to worry about – this has turned into a money making machine overnight!”

Merel Kriegsman, Business Mentor & Copy Expert


 “I made $14000, My biggest month ever!”

“Working with Dee has been a game changer in my biz. Before I was posting on Social Media without any strategy and didn’t attract any leads, now every time I do a post (the way Dee teaches), my inbox is flooded with leads."

Swapna Patel, Personal Stylist


“Before Deepshikha, I felt more like a freelancer. Now, I am a CEO with a team!"

"She helped me fully transform my business and (maybe most importantly) my mindset! Dee taught me to drop the fear of attracting clients–the ‘waiting for the time to be just right'–and just start. Money is flowing in, $40,000 (and counting)!!!"

Anya Parker-Lentz, Social Media Expert

Running a business in alignment doesn't mean you sit in a park and meditate all day long.


It means creating and implementing growth strategies that are truly aligned to who you are. This is the journey of Self Exploration and finding your True Nature

These are the steps you and I will take together


Explore your Human Design


Reclaim your Power


Build Trust in your Inner Wisdom


Reduce friction to your goals


Magnetize clients from this place of expansion & alignment


Sell with service and confidence

How will your business and life change if you stopped being your worst enemy and tapped into your higher self?

(You’d stop doubting yourself, fly past your goals in total harmony and alignment, just like my past clients have! Check out testimonials & screen shots below)

"I’ve doubled my revenue....

....and my business has evolved in ways I never would have imagined. There are so many reasons why I love working with Deepshikha. She runs her own business from a place of spirituality and expert strategy - it’s a powerful mix - and that’s what she teaches her clients. I have loved learning how to tap into my Divine Feminine Wisdom and how to use it in my business and my life."

 Sandy Green - Maternal Health Advocate 

"$30k month and a full coaching practice!"

I have the tools to grow my audience and the confidence as an expert in the industry.

I'm also most thrilled about how well I have been positioned and I found a way that works amazingly well for me to sell my services as a Generator. As a bonus, my product based company also grew on its own.

Jessie Chiang - Spiritual Business Coach

$30k Month for Jessie!

Martha is on her way to $50k months!

CEO development complete!

What happens when you tap into your Self Worth!

Strong boundaries for this Thriving CEO

Ready for your exponential growth?



What's faster than lightning?

Your Business Growth after you've spent a full day with me.

I bring my Manifestor, High Quick Start Energy to help you get ahead full throttle.

Go from stuck to crystal clear clarity on your Business Goals, High Ticket Offers, Marketing Strategy and a step-by-step plan on getting there.

(Limited Spots Available)


For women who are ready to step outside their comfort zone and experience business transformation from the inside out.

Inside my Private Mentorship, you'll discover your quickest way to premium clients, get customized support on your business & breakthrough the shackles of whatever is holding you back.

You receive equisitely curated Business Startegies married with energetic principles that'll blow the lid off your business


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"Single BEST investment I've made in my business!!"

Working with Deepshikha has had a profound effect on my business, but more importantly my mindset.

I've challenged so many beliefs and habit loops that I've spent years essentially trapped in, and even in these somber times, I've become so excited and optimistic about my business again.

I made $30,000 in just 2 months and need to hire people, I am so busy!

I feel supported and championed at every turn  I can't overstate this: Deepshikha is the real deal!"

Jennifer Muirhead, Residential Interior Designer & Color Consultant


“My indie media company has millions of monthly readers, awards coming out of our ears. But when Dee teaches a class on Instagram for our online school, she brings us back to vital basics: cutting through the hype and offering practical strategies and tips. And, unlike most, her caring mission matches ours. It’s always a delight to have her.”

Waylon Lewis, founder, Elephant Journal

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"I booked a total of over $10500 in sales!"

Dee helped me set up my packages and pricing in a way that felt authentic and not salesy. It took a few tries to let go of my inner critic as I raised my prices, but with every package I sold, I felt more confident than before.

Chitra Rochlani – Fitness & Weight Loss Expert


A 300% increase in LEADS for Jess!!

When I hired Dee, I was at a crossroads: depleted, frustrated, and sad that the business I loved wasn’t loving me back. Dee transformed everything. I’ve come to believe she simply has magic all around her. The month we started working together began a consistent earning streak that hasn’t stopped. My newest offering, a monthly sacred women's circle, generated 300% more leads than I planned and was fully booked the first time we offered it.

Revenues are up 32% compared to the months preceding, new clients are consistently ideal clients, and my packages serve clients in ways I’d never before considered. Most importantly my sweet little business has grown up into a total powerhouse of love and possibility. Hire her and you, your business, and your clients will all be changed in ways you can’t yet imagine.

Jess Larsen Brennan - Founder of Held Massage Therapy & Spiritual Doula


Deepshikha is an absolute STAR when it comes to knowing how to attract dream paying clients. Her incredibly helpful tips have helped me secure high-ticket paying clients!

On top of that, Dee's warm personality, sense of humor, straight-talking attitude and stupendous generosity make her a pleasure to do business with. She's someone you want on your team!!

Suzy Cater, Messaging Strategist & Copy Expert


Here’s a quick(ish) version, if you are reading this while walking your dog or wiping your bum.

Tired and sleep-deprived mom of 2, spent her free moments hiding from her kids in the bathroom, stalking people on Social Media.

She had a strong desire to make her own money & have an identity of her own.

Saw an opportunity to use her writing talent, her ‘learning and development’ experience and her badass personality to create her rich life.

After doing it successfully for herself and her clients, month after month, her business started making money.


Financial independence aside, she is also known as an industry expert, and thus……

Mother of Dragons was born!